The segment “Theology”, which comprises seven sections, presents official documents of the Holy Metropolis of Oropos and Phyle and, in addition, other authoritative texts (reprints) dealing with a variety of theological issues pertinent both to the viewpoint of the Synod and to the edification and instruction of its flock.

• Please be advised that, with the exception of their underlying themes, reprinted texts may not fully and precisely reflect, in toto, the views of the Holy Metropolis of Oropos and Phyle.

N.B. The texts in this segment are in .pdf format (Acrobat Reader files). Consult Technical Assistance for support.

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I. The section “Ecclesiology” puts forth theological analyses of the heresy of ecumenism and of the calendar question, to which it is directly related, and also texts which undergird and clarify the theology of Orthodox resistance as well as the theology of anti-ecumenism which it entails.

II. The section “Historical Issues” contains texts that deal not only with the history of the ecumenical movement and of anti-ecumenism, but also with our corresponding practical measures regarding both movements.

III. The section “Studies” presents original theological studies dealing with a variety of subjects: Dogmatic Theology, Hermeneutics, Eschatology, Iconology, Liturgics, Canon Law, Warnings against Heretical Literature, Historical Issues, Topics in Catechesis and various subjects.

IV. The section Contemporary Challenges presents texts which deal with the syncretistic “New Age” movement, various dilemmas in Bioethics, the dialogue between Orthodoxy and Psychology, and the “paradise” of Drug Abuse.

V. The section “Calendar” features the annual Church Calendar, (which also provides guidelines for the appointed fasts), and, in addition, a Pan-Orthodox catalog, which functions as a hagiographical database (information on each Saint in summary form); the Synaxarion, with Lives of Saints, miracles of Saints, and articles about Saints, Lives of Virtuous Persons, preferably contemporary, the Great Feasts, which contains texts on the Feasts of the Lord and the Mother of God, various hagiological studies, and also newly-composed hymns to older and more recent Saints.

VI. The section entitled “Christian Life” presents texts which guide and reinforce us in the struggle for perfection in Christ and in safely ascending the “ladder that leads to Heaven,” the terminus of which is the Throne of the Lamb and the New Jerusalem.

VII. The section entitled Special Series includes series of articles and studies of an anniversary or of an historical nature.

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